Martin Carter
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Saturday, March 25, 2006
For Angela Davis

Rain blazes in that hemisphere

of my mind

where little else happens

neither sunshine nor cloudburst

and certainly not the blossoming of the

power of love you cherish

which so much overwhelms my tongue

give to speech

in the necessary workplaces

where freedom is obscene.

And from a drab window falls the

happy consequence of clouds

which the roots of passionate trees

receive with splendid gratitude

and which may return to us all in

their time

and in their special ways,

linking hand to fruit

and fruit to the promise of our

prayerful hope and love

and the triumph of the effort of

the always beating pulse

in the wrist and temple of the architect

who wars.

I am thinking about you.

Angela Davis

I am thinking about you and

what I want to do

is to command the drying pools

of rain

to wet your tired feet and

lift your face

to the gift of the roof of

clouds we owe you


(Martin Carter in Poems of Succession, 1977)

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