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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Legend Of Kaieteur


The nation of Guyana seems to have pause, (as could be deciphered from A. J. Seymour’s poem) in its progress consigning itself to space (as could be deciphered from A. J. Seymour’s poem) and has committed suicide. So sprung this series of poems are called, “The Awakening” inspired by Arthur Seymour’s, “The Legend of Kaieteur.” To inspire unity, progress and democracy in the strictest sense of the word so as to unleash the untapped potential of Guyana and Guyana’s children.

The Legend Of Kaieteur (Continuing the dialogue)

The Awakening

After hundredths of thousands of years Kaie had spent

Where the raging black waters of the Potaro vent -

Came that day when Makanaima relent

From the pedestal of the sacred rock sent

One drop of water to let flew, to awaken stone aged Kaie

And has he gazed above the gorge where glory-fly

In iridescent tapestry from the sky

The foundation of the earth shock and the stars flew

Birds of the air trumpeted songs in the morning dew

And winged their way across the regal sky’s view

Like stars and moons and suns they grew

With bended wings as not to obstruct Omnipotence

In a singular sentence of reverence

The awakened souls mellow to the tropical sight

And marveled that omnipotence condescend to visit earth that night

And mingling substance of marvelous light

Arising from the mountain’s crest

Imbuing night and day the same and the tropical nest

Like the waking of a new dawn

Like alleluia and soul revival morn

The folding tide of Kaieteur’s immaculate gate

That strutted over the rolling savannahs, and the coastal plate

Signal green of forested nature, a crown upon the agricultural State

Kaie humbly bow upon his “wood skin” canoe and cried

As he relived the memories of his tribe

And look for his companion in the tide.

2. The Awakening

Under the glorified rainbow sacred sky

Where glory called the worlds from on high

And covenanted to you and I

There with magnificence, God formed the earth-man to live and not to die (before sin entered)

Far across the rolling plains and mountains high

Where the flowering-roam

Perched Mount Roraima’s dome

The flowing Valley of Crystal spread

Liberally overflowing love into lakes, waterfalls and the canyon’s river bed

To bring from within the peace that mankind most felt

And bow to worship wherein Omniscient foot stool dwelt

Below the beast of the field graze where the memories of the Patamona tribe slept

Where Kaie hoped and wept

Where the Caribishi came and dealt

The death blow and themselves-melted into history

This is the essence of my story

In this condition we languished, our vanquished spirits tarry

Soaked in blood and pain and brotherhood

Man against man, brother against brother - misunderstood.

Out of struggles known and unknown

Wickedness and scorn condoned

Ripping at the water ways of our soul - now gaze upon the beckoning white light even alone

A saviour must be born to deliver

When the wings of change comes from constant prayer

Poem by: James C. Richmond

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