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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Letter of Reality

Leaping through the open door

Right fist raised in defiance and pronouncement of death

Go curse the world

Enunciating right and wrong

Announcing the beginning of the scene, the scream will come

This salutation is meant to right the wrongs

And the perplexities of some

Across the world and under the eyes of the sun, where the obliteration prolongs

In a frenzy – in midair the search consumes

The sentence is meant to contradict

Will Nations and man with much to spare, rescue their hearts entomb

Remember the Negroid who were tricked

Shackled, abused, culturally lynched, enslaved, a people to expire!

The indigenous who were robbed of their rightful place

Carrying their dead to a higher ground, while dancing with painted faces by the fire

To call upon their God of courage and muster strength to save face

Like a lingering wind

Soon to draw upon typhoon wings

Strides that man made must never be rescind

Nor fall upon ages dark, for all were meant to walk like kings

Nor collude or conspire a Barabbas over Jesus of the Crucifixion

A Nation under judgment will never get a song to sing

And blood that was shed must be repaid to redeem a Nation

Wars and rumors of wars, pestilence and suffering

Brutal Taliban, Al Quad – Bin Laden and suicidal attacks against democratic Nations

Write again and then in words again, write again

Birth a song to right the wrongs

Like the slewing of Goliath, stop the shame

David the conquering lion of old standing strong

Now frustrated man, comfort thyself, the Omnipotent did predict a rescue of the Nation

Though perilous times must come, will come, must come, take heart and see His salvation

The oceans shall give of their dead

And mangled bones who fled

Must come bone upon bone, the bones shall live again, live again

Stand still to see the latter – rain

Poem by: James C. Richmond

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