Martin Carter
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Thursday, November 23, 2006
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Blogger Archetypes India said...
I first read Martin Carter's "Selected poems" published by Peepal Tree, about an year ago. I was touched to my core. He is indeed beyond to be regional; he is universal.
I am also overwhelmed by this Blog. It represents unity and solidarity of Guyanese people, which is model for any national identity.
I write this to express my solidarity with people of Guyana , and admiration for Martin Carter.
I also take pride in quoting his poem, 'You are involved', which describes in words my self-portrait published on my blog, and I am happy about it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I am just beginning to study Martin Carter and am already empowered by his words. I am currently working on a presentation devoted to him and was wondering if there was audio of him reading any of his poetry aloud? Has anyone heard of this or know where I could get it? I would love to hear him read his work!

Blogger Archetypes India said...
I regret I have no access to any audio material. However, I would prefer to read his poems myself… on developing my perceptions of the spirit of the place.
Please see my recent post "At Victoria Memorial-Kolkata" on my blog, Archetypes India, URL

Best Wishes,
Remigius de Souza

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